Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Floating buttons - a smart new revenue stream

Capturing and retaining user attention proves a daily challenge. Once consumers become accustomed to a certain marketing technique, it’s much easier to overlook it, making it increasingly difficult to attract their attention. In order to survive, online advertising is constantly evolving and on the page, units are becoming increasingly smart and exciting.

At Magnetise HQ we’re continually developing and testing innovative ways to intrigue and attract users. Over the years we’ve gained excellent insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating prospective customers online. How? Our advanced technology with built-in tracking tools allows us to constantly analyse user behaviour patterns and refining our technology and campaigns accordingly. This insight gives us a unique understanding of how to get the best results for our clients.

The ‘Floating Button’ is a new, non-intrusive Ad Unit aimed at engaging with users. Floating Buttons provide a truly bespoke and seamlessly integrated advertising option.

Floating Button on the bottom right of the page
These clever mini ads sit or float neatly over your page, yet they don’t compete or detract attention from any existing placements. With this in mind, Floating Buttons can be included on any page on your site, without causing confusion or an information overload.

Floating Buttons are proving popular as they are highly relevant, yet unobtrusive. After clicking on the Floating Button, it expands and shows a second creative, directing the user to either an overlay or a designated web page.

Example of Floating Button expanding to Overlay Ad

Conversely, Floating Buttons can also be used as a companion to an Overlay Ad, so that when users click out of an overlay, a Floating Button replaces it on the corner of the screen. This gives users another chance at responding to the initial call to action from the overlay.

All our units are cross-device optimised and publishers can set very specific targeting variables, such as number of impressions, time on site, exit intent, % scroll and by device.

Magnetise ‘Floating Buttons’ are available across Magnetise Media and Lead Intelligence, providing additional revenue streams for all our clients. ‘Floating Buttons’ are incredibly fast and easy to set up, so why give them a go? To find out more, please contact us on 020 7078 8298.
We don’t just rely on our industry-leading technology and proven track record, we’re committed to innovation. Our continued investment in research and development helps us stay ahead of the game.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

More leads doesn’t always = more conversions

Lead Intelligence dashboard view
Lead generation continues to be one of the most popular online marketing tools. It’s easy to see why. When executed well, lead gen campaigns can provide high-quality prospects in real time and deliver substantial returns on investment. However, managing a lead generation opportunity efficiently and ensuring you’re getting it right is pretty much impossible without a reputable high-end technology platform.
Some companies still think about lead generation in terms of the sheer volume of leads delivered. Having a large number of leads to work with can be a good thing. However, unless these prospects are delivered instantly and are highly relevant, then you’re pretty much working with useless data and conversion rates will be low. More leads, More leads, therefore, doesn’t always equal more conversions.
So how confident are you that your campaign is generating highly relevant prospects and delivering the best results? Let’s look at some key areas you should consider to ensure your campaign’s success.
Stringent securityWe all know how important data security is. So, before you embark on a new campaign, choose a technology platform that easily passes the most stringent data security tests. 
Real-time resultsWith lead generation, timing is of key importance. The speed at which data can be received, processed and distributed for conversion is crucial. The ideal, of course, being in no time! Real-time scoring, pricing, validating, transferring and analysing of leads and performance will vastly improve your campaign’s results.
Scale to sizeEnsure your provider can grow (or shrink) with you and enables you to deploy campaigns of any size with robust, reliable and scalable technology. Cloud-based platforms offer a versatile option as they will let you easily add or remove capacity as required. Scale works both ways though, so use cap management features to make sure you are getting the right volume of results. Technology can also help you manage both suppliers and sources with fast and easy set-up, adaptation and removal of budget allocations and caps, creatives, channels and formats.
Intelligent insight
The level of insight is only as good as the output of your analytics tool. Without decent validation, data collection and campaign management, you’re essentially working with incorrect data.  Ensure solid reporting metrics are available 24/7. That way you can identify under or over performers and you will be alerted instantly when issues arise. 
Digesting data
Your technology platform should digest the mountains of data into a usable format in real-time. Whether internal or third party feeds, small or big data, advertiser or supplier perspectives, there are hundreds of ways to slice, dice, customise and pivot it. The data you are presented with should perfectly fit your needs and those of the different people logging in to view it.
Customisable KPIsSuccess means different things to different companies, so whatever it means to you, ensure the platform you choose can identify and optimise it. The easiest way is by creating customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Multiple KPIs for measuring early, mid and long term performance will help you properly apportion campaign budgets and enable you to make the most of your media spend.
There really is a lot more to lead generation than sheer volume.Even so, it’s pretty straightforward and with the right technology, campaigns can prove very lucrative.
So how can we help? Well, Lead Intelligence is the most technologically advanced lead management platform available. It streamlines all lead buying and management process for agencies and advertisers, providing insight and reliability.
Lead Intelligence helps you through every stage of your marketing campaign including planning, campaign set-up and management, validation and optimisation, budgeting and billing, fulfilment and conversion plus reporting and analysis.
If you’re keen to find out more or arrange a demo of Lead Intelligence, the most advanced lead management platform on the market, contact us on +44 20 7100 0323 or request a demo.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New year, new website

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Magnetise Media website. The brand new offers improved navigation, is cross-device friendly and reflects our strong position entering 2017. gives users a clear understanding of our products and services, while reinforcing our unique position as a company with a proven track record and some of the most compelling proprietary technology in the industry.

Throughout 2017 we’re keen to engage with more advertisers, agencies and publishers. now offers smart overlay contact forms, making it easier for you to get in touch.

We’re committed to helping our current publishers maximise the value of their digital media assets and we’ll be attracting new publishers and enabling them to generate additional revenue streams.

This year we will continue to help our current advertisers and agencies to exceed their sales targets. Magnetise Media will also be enlisting some additional high quality marketers and helping them reach and convert the right audience.

If you’re not already part of our trusted network, message us via our contact forms on or a call us on 020 7078 8298. We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, 17 October 2016

UK Mobile Ad Spending Soars - IAB H1 Adspend Report

Anyone active in digital marketing will have likely already seen the reports and analysis about the IAB and PwC’s latest adspend report. 

If you have time and wish to read the full report then you can download a copy of the report by clicking here and visiting the IAB website.

Here are a few of the favourite report highlights:

  • Overall 16.4% rise in digital spend is highest first half growth rate for two years.
  • Mobile spend up 56.1%.
  • Video the fastest growing ad format, up 67%. Furthermore 66% of pre-post roll spend was on non-broadcast inventory.
  • Consumer Goods, travel & transport, automotive were the 3 biggest spenders in the display category.
  • Half of standard mobile display is rich media and mobile accounts for 80% of spend in social.

The ad spend report certainly continues to highlight the growth of mobile and the significant impact it has on all mainstream formats and channels.

Our customers are constantly challenged as their users demand better experience across all devices and with the volume of users interacting over mobile it’s imperative the user experience and optimisation of mobile is thoroughly understood by advertisers and that they are able to measure ROI across devices.

Here are some considerations and steps you can take to maximise the success of your landing pages across devices:

  • Build high-converting mobile responsive landing pages (which means creatives adapt to the devices they are viewed on).
  • For fast turnaround, use tools which allow marketing and design teams to make responsive landing pages without the need to code.
  • Customise text, images and video for mobile. While you’re building the landing page (working with speed in mind), you should be able to apply different sizes of your graphics and text for different screen sizes. For text, don’t just resize headlines, take precise control over your typography scale according to the device it’s being viewed on.
  • Make sure your opt-in or forms are fast to load and any validation is loaded quickly with easily viewable help text. Customers can be turned away completely due to this issue.
  • Use landing page creators which provide debugging feedback – helping you make better pages faster.
  • If users sign up to something, then make sure your call-to-actions on the thank you page are responsive and are brought in view or in focus on both large and small screens.
  • Building landing pages from templates (versus code) can save you time and help reduce campaign creative costs. Many templates simply are not adaptive layouts and are not thoroughly tested. We provide our clients with a range of responsive template expertly built for purpose.
  • As always, test your pages across multiple browsers and all devices to make sure the templates you are using generates beautiful results.

We hope the above give you some helpful pointers when you are building your high quality responsive landing pages. Please note these items above are equally important for other key creative formats such as overlays and emails which businesses must also optimise for both desktop and mobile users.

Magnetise Group’s industry-leading technology is helping businesses maximise their campaign objectives and budgets, and it’s vital all our clients are promoting creative and customer journeys which is perfect for both mobile and non-mobile visitors and that’s is easy to adjust these assets easily reducing friction and encouraging users to flow through the process.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Magnetise at the LeadsCon NY 2016

This August the Big Apple played host to the core of the lead generation industry (see what we did there?). Magnetise joined other lead generation luminaries, agencies, publishers, platform providers and clients for LeadsCon NY 2016 @ The NY Hilton - a festival of lead generation insight, learning, new developments, updates and of course deal-making.
The conference was dominated by financial services and home improvements; so there were plenty of lenders, insurers, window fitters, solar sellers and heating suppliers to meet and greet. We enjoyed expert talks on every aspect of campaign management, data analysis, page optimisation and lead conversion; and as you'd expect in NYC, conference buffets that were reminiscent of Man v Food.
But it's good that we came back well-fuelled! As we're super-busy with the launch and delivery of lead generation activity for our newly acquired US clients. And we look forward to meeting our clients again, and toasting our mutual success, when LeadsCon reconvenes in Las Vegas next March.

Friday, 1 April 2016

We’re moving to Hammersmith

After eight and half years in Westminster, it’s time to bid our old offices farewell.

We’re moving into the iconic Aircraft Factory in Hammersmith, a highly modernised building, that’s steeped in history.

The factory, which originally built furniture, played a key role in both World Wars, when it was used to build aircraft to support the RAF.

Film buffs may also recognise the factory as it was featured in Alfred Hitchcocks’ film Secret Agent.

The new Magnetise HQ is almost ready and we’ll be one of the first tenants in the building when we move on Monday 4th April. Our new address is:

Magnetise Group
The Aircraft Factory
100 Cambridge Grove
London W6 0LE

We look forward to showing you around and shouting you to a drink at our on-site cafe!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Magnetise Media at The Affiliate Summit West

January blues didn’t hit Magnetise Media this year. The Affiliate Summit West kept us far too busy.  The west-coast conference has more attendees and even more buzz than its New York counterpart.

Despite being hosted in the flashing lights of Las Vegas, the ASW was not all fun and games. We hit the ground running on day one as we waded into the Meet Market with a fistful of business cards and a lengthy prospect list. The Meet Market certainly didn’t disappoint with a wealth of affiliates and networks with inventory across multiple channels.

The conference also allowed us to nurture relationships with our growing base of American publishers. Trips like these are vital for our team, to ensure we can continue to maintain a best in class network, resulting in strong volume and quality for our clients. We hope to see you there next year."