Magnetise Update - Brightcove partnership for upcoming In-Video platform

The Magnetise Group has partnered with Brightcove to support and enhance the upcoming launch of In-Video, Magnetise’s unique online video advertising and engagement platform, whilst enabling joint Magnetise and Brightcove customers to take immediate advantage of the fully integrated, turn-key solution.

2009 saw a 140% year on year increase in UK ad spend for online video, against an overall 4.2% online increase while in the US online video advertising spend jumped by 38% according IAB & Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP research. With advertisers’ appetites thoroughly whetted for online video opportunities, innovation is increasing hand in hand with demand. As the medium matures, it has become apparent that early, linear advertising is viewed negatively against the rich media backdrop of video, while the transference of television advertising practices online via pre, mid and post roll spots is also increasingly on the wane.

“In-Video will of course cater for all existing online video advertising needs but we are focusing squarely on the evolutionary capabilities brought about by combining our expertise in deep, multi-level engagement with the growing interest in interactive overlays;” commented Peter Gowrie-Smith, Managing Director, the Magnetise Group. “Technology today enables greater interactivity that can lead to multiple actions, services and data being delivered and so In-Video will encompass and enhance this opportunity for advertisers and users through the massively popular medium of online video.”

In-Video works to maximise revenue generation potential, brand integrity and control for publishers at the same time as deepening user engagement, keeping them on-site for longer via multi-action, interactive widget overlays. Advertisers meanwhile can take advantage of the transparent cost per action payment model while improving their campaigns’ data collection, provision and engagement capabilities, as well as the response rates. The platform has been designed to create a rich, interactive experience that perfectly balances the needs and expectations of viewer, publisher and advertiser.

“Magnetise’s In-Video solution is a welcome addition to the Brightcove global partner ecosystem, the Brightcove Alliance;” commented Mark Baker, EMEA Channel Development Director, Brightcove. “Video monetisation is a major focus for our customers, and In-Video is a prime example of the excellent solutions that have integrated with the Brightcove platform to support and enhance the success of our customers.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with a company that fully understands the benefits of monetising an audience rather than just the video content;” added Peter Gowrie-Smith. “Brightcove’s customer base comprises best of breed publishers and media companies, so enabling them to simply ‘switch on’ In-Video via their management console is an important part of our go-to-market strategy.”

In-Video has been in R&D for 18 months and is due to launch in June 2010. Utilising Magnetise’s proprietary marketing technology platform, the solution will offer a comprehensive range of features that deliver the high-end impact of a flash advert, combined with a suite of interactive, data-driven widgets that provide rich functionality and continuous quality feedback for analysis and optimisation. In-Video has a price agnostic model that will tap into all existing ad sales structures and broaden the opportunities available for both publishers and media owners. Charged on a commission basis, clients will not be required to commit any financial outlay before seeing results.

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