IAB Online Lead Generation Resources

For those interested in learning more about how best practice in online lead generation (OLG) can deliver solid intelligence, results and engagement, we highly recommend taking a look at the IAB's growing repository of case studies in this area. As members of the OLG Taskforce, we’re actively working with the IAB to identify and explain best practice techniques that will take the whole industry forwards. We’ve added two case studies onto the site so far, and will aim to make sure we keep on showing great examples of our work to as wide an audience as possible.

Visit the PDF case study to find out how we work with fish4 to provide a competition resource that monetises its traffic further, at the same time as increasing engagement, keeping their visitors on site and retaining that all-important brand loyalty. The TopFox white label competition service helps publishers create a seamlessly integrated service with the same look and feel as the rest of their site and ensures data integrity, quality and security at the highest possible level.

If lead generation analysis and optimisation is something you want to know more about, read the (PDF) case study of our work with VoucherCodes. Our Lead Intelligence solution was deployed to investigate and improve newsletter take up, and quickly proved itself a resounding success. Offering a complex range of features, belied by its intuitive management console, Lead Intelligence undertook a broad programme which included an assessment of each supplier’s relative ROI, validation of leads and data against specific business rules and made both immediate and ongoing recommendations on how to improve every aspect of the campaign.

These are just two examples of the wealth of intelligence now housed on the IAB site which covers every aspect of internet advertising and marketing – including important growth areas such as online video, social media, and in-game advertising.

We’re proud to be an active member of this vibrant community and look forward to working with them in other areas as our business continues to evolve.


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