Tech Talk: Ad Centre

The Magnetise Ad Centre is the new, consolidated management platform for In-Video and In-Banner we're rolling out this summer. A lot of the features will already be familiar to existing users, but we've also incorporated what we consider the best and most useful tools from the Magnetise 'toy box' we use within the company.

The main reason for this evolution is delivering a more unified, multi-channel capability for our clients, in line with both their growing requirements in particular, and where the digital engagement market is heading in general. Ad Centre therefore enables the creation, management and analysis of multi-channel campaigns from within a single console. We were heartened to read about the launch of Google's Display Network this month, which appears to consolidate Google's various display offerings in exactly the same manner.

Our Ad Builder area helps clients construct channel-independent advertising using brand, message and creative collateral, which is then converted and fed through the desired channels by the platform. This brings a wealth of time and cost savings due to the level of automation we've built in. With all the usual Magnetise bells and whistles including intricate forms builders, customisable skins and layout algorithms that ensure everything is presented perfectly regardless of the final format or channel, Ad Builder heralds a big step forwards in removing the barriers to ad creation.

We work on the premise that an impression should never be wasted, and our platform caters for that with some very clever technology. This is because we believe that, in this multi-channel world we all now live in, campaigns should be created independently of the channel they are pushed through, as long as the technology can then identify and fit the right creatives, in the right format, for the destination. As an example, if a flash ad is placed on a site that doesn't use flash, Magnetise will instead serve an image that drives consumers through to an associated microsite where they can engage with the campaign.

Multi-version management is another way that campaigns can be automatically enhanced by Ad Centre. Whenever there are numerous versions of a creative, Ad Centre assesses their relative performance and informs clients which the best performing version is and why, as well as automating its optimisation if required, freeing up time and resource for campaign managers to focus on more important matters. This is of course in addition to the proprietary pricing, targeting and validation technology in play already, which we'll delve into in another blog post.

The reporting area of Ad Centre is the element we are most proud of. Regardless of the channel, we've made sure our clients can now compare and contrast activity on a much more granular level. Our Lead Intelligence platform contains some of the most comprehensive reporting capabilities on the market, enabling those who run multi-source campaigns to understand exactly how the ROI and activity breaks down and can be optimised. This is also vitally important in a multi-channel universe, so we decided to roll that capability into Ad Centre. We've also incorporated industry-leading indicators to understand the quality of sources (eg video or display) against each other, looking at everything from various positioning criteria on the page (such as distance from top left or layout in relation to page folds), to support for flash, to banner ad auto refresh rates which can be problematic in an interactive ad environment.

Engagement tracking is another new feature we're bringing out as part of our In-Video efforts and its also being retro-fitted to In-Banner. More aligned to the analytic capabilities of the best brand advertising technologies, this feature enables the assessment of drop off rates, full navigation paths, downloads, the provision of local or user generated data etc etc etc – in essence every engagement point in every channel of every campaign.

The challenge for us has been to deliver all of this functionality, data and analytics in a manner that makes it operationally efficient, commercially beneficial and highly actionable for our clients. Therefore, as well as making the system totally customisable and incredibly feature-rich, we've worked hard to identify the core requirements for publishers, advertisers and agencies, pre-building them into Ad Centre so the technology takes the strain, understands what you need from it at each point in the process, and delivers best practice results for every campaign you run.


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