Tech Talk: Widgets

Magnetise's new text-based widget is the latest addition to Ad Centre and draws on our proprietary algorithms to generate incremental revenue for publishers and results for advertisers from unused space that otherwise goes to waste. These fully customisable widgets run a rotation of static text to microsite ads from our Ad Centre network. By pricing and tracking in real time the delivery of validated leads and completed engagements, the widget is able to update a constantly learning weighted adrank so that each widget delivers the maximum eCPM for a publisher.

These text widgets enable publishers to generate revenue from non-standard real estate by allowing a more shared risk model which taps into CPL and CPE budgets, whilst minimising that risk by ensuring that each widget delivers only those creatives which perform on their site. Ensuring that we can monetise more or less every pixel on the page via a CPL or equivalent model vastly improves the potential result for publishers, at the same time as enabling agencies and advertisers to derive full value from their campaigns.

Using Magnetise Ad Centre's bespoke widget builder, publishers can customise the style and format of their widgets across more than fifty variables, enabling publishers to exactly match their desired widget’s look and feel. The build is automated within Ad Centre to comply with industry standards and fit into different sites and content areas without operational or time cost for the advertiser or the publisher. Publishers can also include their own promotions in the rotation of Ad Centre advertisers and are able to block any advertisements they don't want from appearing on their site. This control and flexibility is central to why it is proving to be such a simple, effective addition for many of our clients.

Google Ad Words have proved to be a superb way to squeeze every last drop of value from a page, but the limited styles and customisation capabilities can detract from their success and make some publishers feel they are 'not right' for their site. Yet not every pixel on a page warrants the full creative weight of meatier ad formats. Our widgets are designed to plug that gap.

To see an example in the wild, take a look at the 'Popular Offers' section on the ITV Daybreak homepage.


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