Magnetise’s In-Video Test Campaign with Nokia's Ovi Music Store

The audience for online video advertising is maturing fast, with 63.1% of online video viewers in the UK being exposed to advertising in June 2011 according to ComScore, and now offers increasingly interactive experiences for consumers, allowing them to engage with brands and take ‘control’ over the information and advertiser activities they want to view and learn about. Figures for April 2011 show 32.6m people in the UK watched a total of 5.4bn online videos, meaning there is a huge potential audience if 2 out of 3 of them are being exposed to video advertising! When you consider that online video consumption grew by 37% in the UK last year the prospects and opportunities become even more exciting.

The Magnetise team has been working with a few carefully selected brands to showcase its new video advertising product, In-Video, which enables mass market adoption of online video advertising via the fast, effective creation of complex, dynamic and interactive overlays.

In partnership with Nokia and Go Direct Marketing, we ran a test campaign using our In-Video solution and thought you might be interested in finding out more about what it can do for brands looking to capture this growing audience.

The test campaign focused on driving exposure, engagement, registration and downloads for Nokia’s Ovi Music Store using a Michael Bublé concert in Sydney as a promotional incentive. We worked with media partner Muzu, the music social network, to host the campaign, exposing it to a tightly targeted audience demographic offering them an exciting range of engagement opportunities perfectly fitting with the Ovi Music Store brand and business.

The advert encouraged consumers to take various routes including entering a competition to win 2 tickets to the Michael Bublé concert and 7 nights stay in Sydney, downloading free music, watching a video, discovering more about Ovi music and exploring the website. See below.


To record findings as accurately as possible only proactive clicks on the video were counted as a true interaction; it is easy for a user to simply move their mouse over the advert accidentally and Magnetise will never count this behaviour as a ‘result’. Despite this, the unique interaction rate was a very healthy 1.1%.

Looking deeper into the engagement possibilities provided by In-Video, it is clear that the interactivity encourages users to become much more involved in the brand and the advert itself. 39% of users who clicked through to event level engagement activities, such as downloading free music or registering for a competition entry, went on to complete the action. We think it is noteworthy that within such a busy, fast-paced channel with so many brands competing, almost 2 out of 5 users were following through.

The Ovi Music Store test for Nokia has ultimately provided strong validation and useful intelligence before the roll-out of Magnetise’s In-Video capabilities, and the engagement levels recorded were a testament to the simplicity and richness of the creative presentation combined with the complexity of the technology. In-Video is proving itself to be an excellent platform for encouraging consumers to truly become actively involved with a brand and to use intrigue to push the potential customer’s desire to learn more.

To read more about the Nokia In-Video campaign please click here.

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