The Conversion Quandary

During our online travels, we came across a really interesting post on Bryan Eisenberg’s brilliant online marketing blog. He raises the question of ‘Who Owns Conversion?’ and discusses how it has been a topic of debate he’s covered for over a decade. Having been in this business since 2007, we’ve also been watching with interest as this vital element of digital marketing has shifted and shaped itself in line with the advance of technology.

As Brian says, in the offline world, ‘Sales’ owns conversion, but online it seems to be a less concrete facet. We’ve never had the pleasure of working with someone with the official title of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), but we regularly work with myriad personnel and suppliers for the campaigns we do, from affiliate marketing to media agencies to fulfilment houses, direct marketers, Marketing Directors, CEOs, Online Marketing Managers, Channel Managers and more! It can be confusing to navigate and understand the myriad ways in which conversion is catered for, but from experience we know that conversion is a central aspect of digital marketing efforts, even if it is not clearly demarcated within a particular role or supplier relationship.

This, in part, is due to the rise of data and the flexibility of today’s technology. They are now, or should be, part of everyone’s work, making them a shared rather than owned resource. From staged email marketing campaigns to prospects, to real-time transfer of data to call centres, to managing, optimising and attributing leads across many different channels both on and off line, we traverse the online marketing universe and ensure that we can generate, harness and capture interest in our clients’ products and services regardless of the route this conversion takes.

Because we work with so many different types of company and personnel, making our technology both very sophisticated and incredibly easy to use is paramount. Our clients can dip into our Ad Centre management console, add messages, creative assets and campaign requirements, and get a campaign up and running in minutes regardless of their technical or marketing know-how. We take up the strain of ensuring everything fits together, complies with all industry guidelines and requirements, and utilises the very best form functionality, validation and data management enabling clients to optimise campaigns quickly, easily and effectively.

It is because of this approach that our technology and services can be adopted by so many different types of user and we are actively developing across the suite to ensure Magnetise clients, regardless of their job title, role, division or business, can continue to optimise the conversion of interest into sales.

Everyone in digital marketing therefore ‘owns conversion’, us included.


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