Magnetise Supports the Launch of Casabu, the UK’s Hot New Private Sale Site

We're very pleased to be working with Casabu, the UK’s new daily private sale website for mums, babies and kids, to drive customer acquisition and lead generation around its launch in April 2012. The campaign (interactive demo available here), which launched on 18th April, is placing interactive banner adverts across top tier UK publishers, including newspaper websites and popular parenting sites and blogs, and offering consumers £5 off their first purchase.  The campaign creative uses children’s illustrations that encapsulate Casabu’s premium but accessible and playful branding and provides consumers with a rich and enticing window into Casabu’s world of Europe’s coolest brands at up to 70% off retail prices.

As Casabu is a one-stop shop providing everything a mum needs from pregnancy, throughout childhood and up to pre-teen, Magnetise is tailoring the campaign to specifically fit this audience. Magnetise is optimising towards Casabu’s target customers - a core female audience of 20-40 year old mums across the UK with children aged 0-10 years. One advantage of this type of performance marketing is the fact that only leads that match the target demographic are priced and paid for, giving Casabu an extremely attractive and highly accountable method of customer acquisition.

“We’ve chosen Magnetise as our partner for lead generation due to their cutting edge, highly measureable pay-per-performance technology capabilities;” commented Rachel Oxburgh, CEO of Casabu. “Their campaigns will allow us to build out our membership base quickly and efficiently.”

Magnetise’s In-Banner technology enables data entry, processing and confirmation, all within the banner.  This means that users stay on-site, making the adverts attractive to premium quality sites and services. The eCPM pricing also offers publishers a low risk way of incorporating performance advertising.  Consumers who enter their details will be presented with the voucher code, signed up to the service and transferred to and logged into Casabu - all from within the banner. This makes the advert, offer and transfer to Casabu a single, seamless customer journey. Any members who do not make immediate use of the special offer will be automatically sent a reminder email after a designated period.

Casabu Campaign Flow

“Daily deal or private sale ecommerce businesses have been growing over the last decade and are now incredibly popular for brands and consumer alike;” commented Peter Gowrie-Smith, Managing Director of the Magnetise Group. “Casabu’s niche is well-chosen and the products they have sourced to date are incredible. Using Magnetise’s lead generation capabilities, the site will be off to a strong start from launch.”

Casabu will offer a range of different daily deals, from brands including Their Nibs, Koo-di, Ben Sherman and Feu Follet, as well as European brands that are totally new to the UK. The company is also encouraging retailers and manufacturers with relevant products to get in touch by email to Casabu will bring parents exciting ranges of fashionable baby and children’s clothing, designer toys, essential nursery equipment, must-have furniture and stylish maternity wear at significantly less than high street prices.


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