Customer Generation Campaigns

Magnetise has been evolving its capabilities of late. Now, not only can we deliver the best leads and prospects in the market, we can also deliver customers too!

Attention and interest ebbs and flows rapidly in today’s market, so the ability to convert from prospect to customer in a single workflow is highly attractive to our clients. But how do we do it, what does this look like, and what are the results achievable?

Campaign Stages
We use a simple 3-step blend of banner > microsite > email to take the user on a journey from consumer to customer, covering the core functions of registration, activation and redemption.

Firstly, users are presented with a banner ad that offers them a great piece of content, a free demonstration or perhaps a voucher to incentivise engagement.

Examples of offer and registration forms 
By using a ‘sign-up to reveal offer’ staged series of creatives, not only are we providing a perception of greater value to the consumer, but we are also providing the advertiser with a platform where they can gain an opted-in subscriber as an integral part of the process. Due to this added benefit, advertisers running Magnetise customer generation campaigns will often deploy a more valuable incentive to those used in other digital marketing campaigns, which in turn drives increased consumer engagement.

Once they have entered their details, users are presented with a confirmation page that drives them to the offer redemption itself. Behind the scenes, Magnetise’s technology is checking and validating the data entered, cross-referencing it against any relevant subscriber or supplier lists to remove duplications, pricing the lead according to pre-set client criteria and transferring everything across for fast and simple fulfilment.

Examples of confirmation and redemption links

Finally, the consumer clicks over to the client site or microsite where the offer can be redeemed. Customers can find themselves already logged into the service, as with the Vistaprint example:

Example destination on client’s website
Long gone are the days when someone is expected to fire up their email, click a confirmation link, then re-find the original offer and redeem it. In this scenario, they gave us their details, approved them for use and had a much leaner, cleaner user experience as a result, making them much more likely to complete the process.

We do of course email all the details through as well during the process, at the same time as capturing their email marketing consent for clients to use for retargeting or cross-selling in other campaigns.

The results we are seeing from campaigns such as these are noteworthy. One company, offering a piece of content, achieved an incredible 95% download rate which generated as an integral part of the process nearly 5000 prospects in a 2 week window.

"For Adaptive, Magnetise drives huge marketing ROI with clever display solutions. Their ads have resulted in 700% increase in immediate conversion rates compared to our standard display click-to-conversion rates. Additionally, Magnetise is the only display solution which automatically provides free retargeting, as we are now able to retarget all those who don’t immediately convert for free, thanks to the email marketing sign up.” 
Wilson Manase, Head of Online Marketing, Adaptive.

So if you’re looking for a way to speed up the customer acquisition process, you might want to take a closer look at what Magnetise’s lead generation technology can deliver!


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