Every Which Way But Loose: How Magnetise technology delivers infinite campaign insight and control

We continually enhance the capabilities of our core technology platform and have recently rolled out some rather immense extra functionality to all users. Now, in amongst all the other features and ways to manage your lead generation activities, we’ve integrated an updated, customisable dashboard that delivers some incredible analytics and optimisation power, direct to your fingertips.

Dashboard Main Screen

While it looks and feels familiar still, the dashboard gives access to creating any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or running any kind of data analysis you could possibly want – on the fly, in the blink of an eye. These real-time widgets are designed to enable you to measure, understand and act on any pivot, category or combination of data available. If you want to track landing page engagement or sign ups against repeat purchase percentage or any customer activations, no problem. And cross channel attribution and optimisation is a breeze too.

We work with such a vast range of businesses that only total flexibility would be the one size that fits all needs. So rather than decide what our clients would need, and how they would want it, we focused on creating a level of functionality and design that would cater for any possible requirement. Built on a highly efficient Java code base and cloud infrastructure, we've also incorporated in-memory processing of various data inputs to provide maximum speed and flexibility to our clients.  Accessing and working through the processes is simple and intuitive however, belying the power of the programming that enables it. Users just select the data fields or criteria from a list of popular options or create their own custom query or field, and the widget then displays the resulting information directly on the main page. 

Create & Manage Data Analysis Widgets 

Just presenting these data views and calculations within the dashboard would however require a beady eye to ensure that no insights were missed, so we’ve also included a very high-end alerting feature to give you actionable campaign insights as they happen, wherever you are. The moment that a factor in a campaign goes outside of the acceptable range you have set, the platform will send an alert to the email address you specify to recommend that action is taken. Keeping control within users’ reach, while giving each user granular control over what they control and how they control it, ensures we can help improve ROI and results for every single campaign run on our platform. 

Quick & Easy KPI Creation

By enabling this infinite data analysis and alert capability, we’re drawing sales and marketing data together within the same platform and the same screen to give our users unparalleled insights and intelligence. It is vital in today’s marketing world to follow through on activities and programmes all the way to a sale, and further than that, to the complete customer lifecycle including repeat purchase and lifetime value.   Bringing together marketing and sales data in this way delivers a vast improvement to campaigns, sales and businesses themselves. Clickz recently wrote about how the speed, flexibility and weight of data analysis will be the way to win at marketing efficiency in the future. There is certainly a business case for doing so. The Drum covered a piece of research by MarketingQED that calculated UK marketers  are wasting £2.5 billion a year by relying on instinct or guesswork rather than using data and considered decisions to steer their course. Considering that the IDC (pdf link) estimates that just 0.5% of the world’s data is currently being analysed, there is vast room for improvement. 

This is however fraught with challenges of course. The FT also covered how data is evolving advertising and the issues the industry is getting to grips with. One important facet is the transition to real-time data and analysis. After decades of relying on historical data to base current campaigns on we now have the ability, and indeed need, to access data about what is happening now, in the moment, instead. This real-time capability is changing the face of technology, marketing and life itself – and only the marketers that can access these real-time insights will be able to confidently drive, manage and pivot to ensure their campaigns and activities are doing the job they need.

While we can and do integrate historical data for our clients to use in the management and analysis of their lead generation campaigns, we recommend and enable real-time insights through our new analysis widgets and KPIs. No longer will our users need to base optimisation decisions on what happened 12 months ago, or try to predict what impact a creative tweak will have on initial or repeat sale. With Magnetise’s technology, you can now base your plans and activities on real-life data in real-time.

We do hope you enjoy testing out our latest dashboard, widgets and alerts for yourself. We’ve made them really intuitive and easy to activate, but our team are always on hand to walk you through the functionality and give you some ideas about the best data analysis for your particular needs so please do get in touch with any questions at any time.


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