One size rarely fits all

Native platforms have been around for a number of years now, but most providers are still not offering truly customisable widgets. The market has not reached full maturity and current functionality gaps are posing limitations to publishers and consumers alike.

One key issue is pricing. Most native platforms currently offer a CPC model only. While CPC can be a suitable pricing model for a genuine ‘content’ ads, wishing to drive traffic, this option is not ideal for the huge number of other ads which aim to encourage a given action. Many advertisers are having to disguise their traditional promotions so they look more like content.

A one size fits all approach can therefore be very limiting. Magnetise Ad Centre has developed a model that enables advertisers to select a pricing option which is aligned with their objectives. For example, publishers who want to promote a special offer or discount can pay on a CPL basis or if they want users to download an app, they will pay on a CPI basis. Our Ad Centre platform optimises all adverts, regardless of the pricing model selected.

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The visual impact of Native platforms is also crucial. For Native ads to have the desired effect, they need to be a seamless addition to a website. Magnetise Ad Centre has spent years perfecting its bespoke widget builder and has launched a series of advanced design controls.

Our Ad Centre gives publishers almost limitless design controls to make the on-page experience inspiring, while keeping the users trust. Publishers can customise the format, style and function of their widgets, therefore ensuring the widget is fully integrated into the website and the publisher is fully satisfied with the look and feel. The recent introduction of subtle animation effects has proved successful in increasing user engagement, without detracting from the page.

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We are seeing first hand that smarter Native ad solutions bring much need functionality. They help to open up more creative and clever opportunities and offer flexibility for both publishers and advertisers. For more information or for a demo, please contact

Magnetise Ad Centre offers fully tailored options, including:

Our platform can create any widget size that will fit the publisher's placement area. We offer both customised sizes and IAB standard or templated formats.

Our widgets will adapt to any screen size (desktop/tablet/smartphone) and will seemingly fit and also neatly scale into the publishers' responsive pages.

Ad assets
Our ads set up contain 3 different image formats, 2 title styles (title and headline), 2 body length, call to action and advertiser name, allowing publishers to build different ad styles and choose the tone of the widget - from an plain ad like style (ex.: logo + offer title + body + call to action) to a more editorial style (ex.: editorial image + headline + advertise name).

Border/Background colour
Our widget can be customised to fit the publisher's desired look and feel. By adjusting border colours, padding spaces and background colour.

Our widgets can be built with and without a header. This can be customised to any background colour, height and font style. Additionally, an image can be uploaded to serve and a header or to be combined with the html header.

Highlight options
We offer a number of mouse-over features to maximise the user experience and improve engagement. This can be set to change the font colour and/or the ad unit background colour.

We offer 17 pre-set animations and the ability to customise the number of repetition and interval. This feature is designed to increase the widget visibility on the page.

A disclaimer can be set up to display within the widget to give users more information about the ads source. We offer a variety of design and mouse-over animations for the disclaimer logos. The position of the disclaimer is entirely customised.


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