Video Event at IAB - Magnetise with Brightcove

As part of their Summer of Video event series, the IAB is hosting an interesting event this week on 30th September, in partnership with Brightcove.

Magnetise has been invited to showcase its technology by undertaking a practical exercise in online video advertising to inspire and educate about the limitless possibilities for engagement via this medium. Along with Brainient and EyeWonder, Magnetise will be working with attendees to construct next generation video advertising campaigns for a made-up brand, using a series of creative assets, ideas from the group and key technology solutions, in our case deploying our innovative In-Video solution.

In-Video essentially enables the creation of complex interactive overlays, vastly simplifying and speeding up the process. Blurring the lines between branding and direct response, In-Video delivers the high-end impact of a flash advert with the functionality and interactivity of widgets, along with a whole host of optimisation and analysis features that provide unparalleled control and flexibility. For more on the underlying platform and technology, take a look at this Tech Talk article on our blog

With so much happening in video at the moment, this is an important event for any publisher, agency or brand interested in, or already running, online video advertising. We'll be bringing you a full report after the event, but in the meantime, visit the IAB site for more information and to register, or contact us to find out how In-Video can breathe new life into your digital engagement activity.


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